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The Christmas tree of the City Council already dresses its inclusive decoration

14 December 2019 - 00: 26

The lighting of the Christmas tree of the City Hall of Dénia will take place, as has been the tradition, coinciding with the arrival in the city of Father Christmas, on Saturday, December 21. This year, the decoration of the tree has been prepared by people with functional diversity of the associations TAPES La Pedrera, AFIMA, AMADEM, ADHD + 16, Condemned to the Curb, Betània Initiative and APROSDECO. The Raquel Payà Special Education College and the Salvation Army entity have also collaborated.

As usual, the preparation of the elements that decorate the tree has been made with recycled materials: plastic and cork stoppers, bottles, paper and cardboard ... For about three months, the volunteers of the associations have worked in the Design and creation of Christmas decorations that are very varied and colorful.

Celebration of the International Day of Functional Diversity

On the other hand, yesterday the event commemorating the International Day of Functional Diversity (December 3) was held in front of the City Hall, which was postponed due to the rain.

The entities that work with people with functional diversity have gathered to read a manifesto and celebrate this day with the "construction" of a wall against barriers, music, dance and an inclusive batucada.

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