Paco Muñoz's love for Dénia becomes official: named adoptive son in an act in which his musical legacy was recognized

03 2023 April - 09: 38

Dénia made his idyll official this weekend with the Valencian singer-songwriter Paco Muñoz in the act of his appointment as the adopted son of the city. "No one has recounted and sung like Paco Muñoz the sentiment that passionately links us Dianenses to our land," said the mayor, Vicent Grimalt, in the words he dedicated to the honoree. Grimalt expressed the sentiment of the hundreds of people who filled the Social Center auditorium by thanking Paco Muñoz «for choosing us to be your home, your inspiration, refuge and family. Thank you for your enormous and generous involvement in the cultural and associative life of our city. Thank you for always being so, so from Dénia ».

This was the plot of an act, led by the journalist and writer Toni Reig, who breathed sentiment, esteem, friendship, admiration and lots and lots of music. Because all this inspires Paco Muñoz in this land and his people, in the same way that Dénia, the Navy and his countrymen have inspired the work, and life, of the singer-songwriter.

In the audiovisual that was projected last night it was possible to see a "guided route through that Dénia that Paco Muñoz lived when in 1988 he came to live with his partner Pepa", by the hand of good friends who remember "how Paco integrates into the day-to-day life of the city and lives it to the full, and here he composes music and writes songs and he and Pepa become deniers».

The presence of music and compositions by Paco Muñoz were an essential element in the tribute, as they have been and are in the life of the honoree. The singers Ina Martí, Aitana Ferrer, Josep Aparicio 'Apa', Xavi de Bétera, with Enric Murillo at the piano, artists united by "the love of Paco, his music and Dénia", who thanked him for "the legacy and the inheritance” they left and the support in their careers, “in a path that still writes people to people”.

Also the EnCantem children's and youth choir, directed by Pepa Álvarez, who expressed Paco Muñoz's commitment to continue the legacy he has left "and which has an inestimable value for boys and girls." And the Musical Artistic Association of Dénia, which closed the act interpreting Montgó vell, the composition that has become "the unquestionable hymn of the city", in the words of the mayor, and that last night the entire audience chanted on their feet.

"T'estimate, Dénia"

Paco Muñoz received the certificate of adoptive son of the city of Dénia from a great friend and admirer of Denier, Vicent Pastor. He was also given the gold insignia of the Dénia City Council and signed in the city's book of honor choosing a stanza from Hi has a ciutat: «I love you, Dénia, I love you with love. I esteemed you so much that I would see the song un abraç », the same composition that he sang last night for the public. In the following words, "que porte escrites per si m'emocionava molt", he said:

«I have written and I have sung because they appreciate me.
Possibly to change the world and that the world will not change me.
Or, pot ser, per no trobar-me sol.

I also write and sing about vegades because the villages and the people who esteem me well are not dark.
Preserve així eixos llocs i eixa gent against the unjust peripecies of the oblit.

The last thing I would like to lose is the loyalty to my hands, the possibility of rectifying in time if I am going to make a mistake one day.

You will end up with the paraules of a denier, friends of Luis Eduardo Aute and who are the ones I felt at this moment:

Xé què bé, xé què bé, xé què bo».

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  1. DCT says:

    Many characters deserve to be adopted children of Denia such as José Calafat, who was the first mayor of Dénia in the first Democratic stage of Spain, the Second Republic.
    Or Juan Chavas, the mythical historian.
    But the current municipal corporation DE IZQUIERDAS spits on history.
    For this reason, among other things, we have to put an end to the traditional left (PSOE, Podemos, Sumar, the Communist Party, the Libertarian Party and the separatist parties).
    Only the independents, the Neo-left, can bring order.
    And if they are going to make a park on Campos street, call it María Ibars.
    what less