Alpha and Omega fry leads in local basketball league

03 December 2013 - 00: 00

The Alpha and Omega leads the classification in the category of fingerlings of the local basketball league in Dénia. This team confirms its great start to the championship and consolidates itself at the top of the classification, thanks to its good game. On the sixth day he clearly defeated Carmelitas by the 52 11.

Por su parte, el equipo del Llebeig también derrotó con facilidad a Vessanes B por 54 a 9. Aunque hay que tener en cuenta que Vessanes B es un conjunto aficionados formado por niños y niñas de primer año. En esta jornada quedo aplazado hasta el viernes 13 el partido entre el Maristas y It montgó.

After this sixth day the classification in fry is as follows; Alpha and Omega, Vessanes A and Llebeig have 6 points. Carmelitas has 5, Vessanes B has 4 and Montgó and Maristas have 3 points.

In the Benjamín category, six new matches were played this week, belonging to the fifth day with the following markers; Maristas B 12, Paidos C 38; Carmelites 27, Paidos A 19; Vessanes 37, Maristas A 3; , Paidos B 7; Montgó Masc 8, Paidos B 24; Llebeig 50, Montgó Fem 2 and Paidos D 21, Alpha and Omega 17.

After the fifth day in Benjamin the classification is as follows; Llebeig, Paidos B, Vessanes and Paidos C have 9 points. Carmelitas, Paidos A and Montgó Mas have 8 points. Maristas A and Paidos D have 7, Maristas B has 6 and with 5 they are, Alfa and Omega and Montgó Fem.

The last day of the 2013 will be played on Friday, after the competition will suffer a break, resuming the next 10 in January and the 2014.

The Llebeig showed its potential against the Vessanes B

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