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Dénia water passes all quality controls

23 October 2014 - 00: 00

Aqualia, the company that manages the service Integral Water Cycle Denia, held every year 13.645 analytical determinations of drinking water, in which a total of 91 parameters, both physical-chemical and microbiological controlled.

Dénia water is good

This data has made public the head of the Municipal Water Service Dénia, Humberto Panella, who explained that the quality of the water supplied is subject to a rigorous control procedure, both for the company itself, such as health authorities, fulfilling strictly with the requirements of current regulations, by which health criteria for the quality of water for human consumption.

In compliance with the criteria established in these regulations, Aqualia takes samples at different points hydraulic facilities and distribution network. In total, it performs analytical determinations organoleptic 1.248, 6.686 control, complete 1.584, 3.079 supplementing with chlorination control. Furthermore, 768 analysis performed on the consumer's tap.

At the same time, a protocol of self-control and supply management as revised by the Health Authority, whereby each year the company is subjected to an inspection of the Monitoring and Control Managers water for human consumption is followed.

Control analyzes are performed in the laboratory Aqualia has in Denia, which is certified by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) under the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 for analytical control; and full in the laboratory of Lleida, which is accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation) under the standard analysis UNE-EN ISO / IEC-17025 for conducting analysis in waters accreditation representing the highest recognition that can suck a laboratory from a technical point of view.

Dénia citizens have available data on the quality of water distributed and the results of the analytical samples taken, through the National Information System Consumer -SINAC- the Ministry of Health.

  1. Galapako says:

    Perfect! It complies with all regulations, passes all controls, countless tests, inspections, AENOR, SINAC -where nothing can be seen-. All that remains is to say the most obvious, what we hope to find among all the legalistic and "exculpatory" paraphernalia: "Denia's citizens can drink tap water without" things "coming out of them in the human body." Read, let all the viscera or glow in the dark be calcified.
    Can we stop buying bottled water and discard the expensive filters that purify? We would help to pay the bills without resorting to the pension esquilme parents and grandparents.
    If you put the link SINAC, I will be very grateful.
    Best regards and bebeeer to bebeeer and apuraaar ...

  2. josefina says:

    It would be good that water does not pass rigorous controls. Make a water contract in Dénia costs about EUR aqualia 400, 200 euros to the city .. more pay the architect ... A VERGUENZA..lo do not understand it is like not denounce this abuse

  3. Jose Luis Gutierrez says:

    No doubt they pass all these controls water Dénia but a little more pressure, I think it would not hurt, especially so that when we open a faucet (in the Marine barely), and control the Cal, which we obstructs the pipes.

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