May 29 is World Digestive System Day "90% of colon cancers are diagnosed in people over 50 years"

May 29 from 2015 - 00: 00

On the occasion of World Digestive would in a few lines recall the importance in preventing colo rectal cancer the most common cancer diagnosed adding those men and women.
Emphasize that affects almost 400.000 people in Spain and that every year 25.000 new cases are diagnosed. 25.000 these new cases if detected early the chance of cure is up to 90%, so the importance of predictive methods.

digestive system

The 90% of colon cancers are diagnosed in people over 50 years and there are a number of risks that make it more important to investigate patients:
-whether over 50 years.
-Fumen and drink alcohol.
-Coman red meat in abundance.
-have a history of colo rectal cancer in the family (parents, uncles, brothers ....).
-Background of polyps in the family or who have polyps in the colon.
And I do not want to put as colo rectal cancer risk life lived with anxiety and stress because this would only be extensive and separate chapter.

Clarify that developing polyps does not mean having colo rectal cancer, but indicates that a polyp 10 take days or more to become a possible cancer and need to remove it before it becomes possible cancer.

How to prevent colo rectal cancer?

Colo rectal cancer is prevented by having a healthy, healthy life and be as happy as we can. It also prevents a varied diet, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, cereals, vegetables and fiber in general. It is also very good to have a weight control and exercise usually do and of course avoid toxins such as snuff and alcohol (the latter very important, colorectal cancer risk in smokers significantly increases rectal).

How can we diagnose it?

The most economical and easy test is a test of fecal occult (SOH) blood test is positive if it is necessary to perform a colonoscopy. This stool test is recommended from the 45 50 years-and if there are risk factors 1-2 repeat it every year.

Who these tests should be done?

-The over 50 years.
-those who have a family history of colon cancer.
-The patients with impaired bowel function.
-Remember that disease prevention is part of the success of healing.

I sgd. Dr. D. Ramón de Cardenas Pla
Specialist in Clinical Gastroenterology Saint Charles Denia.


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