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The December 1 begins the deadline for applications to participate in 'XarxaLlibres'

November 23 from 2015 - 08: 49

Between the 1 and 18 December, the Generalitat Valenciana will open the deadline for applications to participate in the program Xarxa Llibres de text of Valencia, Which aims to give schools a bank book.

The students who request the program grants will commit to keep the textbooks in good condition and return them to the center once the school year has finished so that, through the book bank, they can be used by other students in successive courses. The aid covers textbooks purchased from 2015, and does not include materials such as tablets, computers, backpacks, pencils, markers, notebooks or sports equipment.


Those interested in participating can submit their requests-a pupil at the Department of Education of the City Council Dénia (square Arxiduc Carles, 3) of 9 to 14 hours, Monday through Friday. This requires filling out an electronic form from November 25 be available on the website XarxaLlibres of the Generalitat Valenciana and in the link provided by the Dénia City Council website. In case of not having Internet access, the Department of Education will facilitate the requests.

Next to the form must present proof of purchase books, bank account number, the number of student identification (NIA) and the code of the school where the applicant is enrolled.

The XarxaLlobres program envisages a maximum amount of 200 euros per student, payable in two phases: Until the early 100 euros will be received when the proof of purchase of textbooks at the town hall and the remainder contribution to 100 euros, it will become effective when books and material in good condition after the course be returned.

People who return the books in good condition, in addition to receiving the second payment of aid, may participate in the bank's books and benefit from having free books for next year.

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