Education prepares a pilot project in educational centers with thermal wristbands that detect fever

17 September 2020 - 15: 22

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, in collaboration with the textile printing company Colorprint Fashion, is designing a pilot project in educational centers to evaluate whether thermal bracelets that change color if a person has a fever can help Valencian educational communities in the detection of fever in students during school days. The purpose is to accompany, with one more measure, the detection of possible symptoms linked to COVID-19 and thus notify the health authorities in this regard so that they establish detection and action devices.

In this pilot project, the only one in Spain, 500 students from 1st and 2nd of Primary and 1st and 2nd of ESO from three educational centers in the regions of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia will participate, to test the bracelets for two weeks voluntarily and with the consent and participation of their families.

Colorprint Fashion has developed and patented a thermal fabric that is activated by increasing body temperature, which changes to white at approximately 37,5 ° C. This innovative fabric has been approved for use by the Textile Technological Institute (Aitex), which certifies its durability and its effectiveness against the prevention of COVID-19.

Based on this innovative technology, this Valencian company has created bracelets that quickly and easily detect a rise in temperature with a simple color change from 37,5 degrees. In this way, real-time monitoring of the body temperature of the students can be done in a very simple and practical way in the classroom. The bracelets can be washed without loss or affecting the properties of the fabric.

The objective of the pilot test is that the educational centers that carry out the piloting of this project can directly experience the degree of effectiveness, comfort and durability of these thermal wristbands, which have an average life of one week. For this purpose, each participating student will be given a set of two bracelets to use for two weeks.

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