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Education sends the third dining room voucher-scholarship to nearly 60.000 students

May 14 from 2020 - 09: 22

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports sends the third biweekly lunch voucher-scholarship by SMS to the mobile phones of the families of almost 60.000 beneficiary students by this Wednesday.

Families will be able to redeem it until May 27 and, with this, it is ensured that all the students who have 100% of the dining scholarship for income reasons, for being schooled in special education schools or for being a victim of violence from gender, receive the voucher to buy basic food in the supermarket chain of the Valencian cooperative Consum.

The dynamics to make effective this third dining voucher-scholarship is the same as in the second, when the facilities for the beneficiary families were expanded, increasing the possibilities of verification by means of the student identification number (NIA).

The NIA is a unique number for each student and can be easily found in the report card of each son or daughter. In the event that they do not locate it, families can obtain it by contacting by phone or by mail with the management team of their educational center or with the tutor of their sons and daughters.

Families will receive the SMS with a link that leads to a space where you must put the NIA of the son or daughter beneficiary of the dining grant; or the DNI or NIE of the father, mother or guardian or legal guardian of the minor who requested this school year the dining scholarship of each son or daughter if they prefer. In this space, you are always asked to enter the mobile phone number to which the SMS was received.

If the correct information is not entered, access to the third failed attempt is blocked. If this happens, the families have to contact by phone the teacher who is the tutor of their son or daughter so that the incident can be transmitted. Thus, the space can be unlocked so that they can try again.

It must be remembered that this is the mechanism for accessing the dining voucher-scholarship and that families in no case have to go and collect this voucher from the establishments of the Consum / Charter supermarket chain.

The beneficiary families of the dining voucher-scholarship that have a mobile phone but do not have an Internet connection, as all Consum or Charter establishments have a free Wi-Fi network, can connect and download the voucher at the same establishment.

Once the download is validated, families have access to the dining voucher-scholarship for each son or daughter. This voucher must be exchanged for basic food in any of the 445 supermarkets that the Consum / Charter chain has in Valencia, a network of 84 establishments in the regions of Alicante; 65, in those of Castellón, and 296, in those of Valencia, which guarantee that families can access one of their municipality or neighboring towns.

Each dining scholarship voucher can only be used once. It is very important that families acquire the necessary food for each son or daughter and worth 60 euros in a single purchase.

Education will invest up to 14,6 million euros in the dining room scholarship vouchers if the health authorities determine that they do not return to face-to-face classes this course that ends on June 18 in Infant and Primary and, therefore, they cannot be opened school canteens.

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