Where you born bullying or bullying?

30 2015 April - 00: 00

Currently we heard a lot of news in which there is talk of bullying, Bullying, Suicides and mistreatment of some children to others. We assume that since the College should be made to these types of situations that unfortunately many of our children live, not carried out ever.

But where is Bullying really born? Have we thought about the possibility that many of the messages that are transmitted to children in the family, can cause rejection towards certain classmates?

Since childhood, parents try to make our children relate more to each other than to others because we do not like certain attitudes and situations that above all the more "restless, horny or burly" children show in the playground, meetings or even in the classroom. We evaluate and "reject" and directly that the child is related to the one who hits, pushes, insults or harasses our son or other partners.

I believe that more than ever, now that the topic grows in importance, we can introduce values ​​in our education that include accepting oneself (to defend oneself from others since if one is sure of oneself, it does not have to affect what others do Think about it), the expression of your own opinions, the cooperation / game with the rest of your classmates, the expression of emotions and the recognition of them in others, and above all, to teach to communicate properly with your environment with total freedom and without judging what they tell us.

If we lay the foundation for a good prevention in case any problem arises at some point the child or adolescent growth (including adult), we can better act on it and provide the help they need.

Not enough to judge or avoid, but with teaching tools to help a healthy psychological development.

Veronica Monsonis Far
CV 08093 Psychologist
Master in Clinical Psychology and expert in Early Intervention


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