D * na Fòrum: history and participants of the gastronomic forum of Dénia

02 December 2021 - 13: 23

The D*na Fòrum is the event that, together with the Festival, completes the D*na project. It is a meeting to talk about gastronomy with the chefs and producers themselves, and thus discover and understand how the sector of the Marina Alta looking to the future.

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How was the event born?

The history of D * na Fòrum goes hand in hand with that of D * na Festival. It was born to give a break to this second, much more ambitious and expensive, and insist on making local gastronomy visible from other aspects. The intention is to leave the promenade of the Marineta Cassiana causing the Festival to be held every two years. During this break, the Forum is held which, despite not being open to so many people, allows professionals to interact and share experiences.

First edition: 2019

The first D * na Fòrum was held from November 25 to 27, 2019. It took place in Dénia, specifically in the CdT, where professionals, businessmen and producers met, discussing topics of great interest such as sustainable production, regional cuisine and gastronomic tourism.

17 discussion tables were held during the event, in which more than fifty experts participated and which could be followed both in person and online.

Upcoming editions

As we indicated above, the idea is that this more reflective version of D * na persists over the years so that it is interspersed with the Festival. Therefore, its celebration should take place every 2 years. However, the coronavirus crisis has prevented both this and its original format from being repeated, so the decision was made to reinvent the project with a new format more adapted to the health context: D * na Restaurant. However, the intention is that they will be held again once the situation returns to normal.

When is celebrated?

The date of the D * na Fòrum is never exact. It is intended to coincide with the weekend, so it will vary in each edition. However, they always tend to bet on the fall months for D * na events. In its first edition, and the only one to date, it was held from November 25 to 27, 2019.

Where it is located?

In 2019 the location of the D * na Fòrum was the Dénia CdT study center. Now, the entire event could be followed by streaming on the internet and the festival's social networks. It is unknown if future editions will also take place in the same setting or if it will change.


In the first edition of D * na Fòrum, whose curator was Dénia's chef Pep Romany, 13 speakers from different fields participated. In addition, 48 experts participated. The most relevant personalities were:

  • Antoni Massanes (National Prize for Healthy Gastronomy)
  • Doctor Joan B Company
  • Victor García Torres (wheat expert)
  • Iñaki Gaztelumendi (UNWTO gastronomic tourism consultant)
  • Josep Bernabeu Mestre (director of Gasterra-UA)
  • Enric Navarro (journalist)
  • Gustavo Duch (journalist)
  • Carles Llarch (producer)
  • Xesc Reina (producer)

Of course, it also had a wide presence of well-known faces from the culture of the Marina Alta and the Valencian Community, among which the following stand out:

  • Quique Dacosta
  • Jose Manuel Miguel (Beat)
  • Kiko Moya (L'Escaleta)
  • Maria Jose San Roman (Monastrell)
  • Miquel Ruiz (El Baret de Miquel)
  • Nazario Cano (El Rodat)
  • Rafa Soler (Audrey's)


It is a more intimate format, so the D * na Fòrum was not intended to create a massive event like the Festival. In its first edition, according to data from the organizers, there were more than a hundred registered to follow the debates in person. In addition, there was a great online follow-up in the different channels available for it.

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