Enjoy in Daniya Dénia Spa the best treatment for your wellbeing: the Bambuterapia

November 10 from 2017 - 10: 51

Do you know the Bambuterapia? It is an alternative therapy offered in Daniya Spa Denia, where relaxation and physical improvement is guaranteed.

With this treatment you will get a stimulation in the skin, nervous system, muscles and adipose tissue.

In addition it is also ideal to help reduce the pace, in more depth even than the reductive massage, since the bambu therapy distributes the adipocytes to destroy them.

Now at Spa Daniya, you will get the best price for your Bambuterapia sessions. For only 35 € you can have a session of 30 minutes and if you want to continue enjoying the bamboo therapy, you have a bonus of four sessions for 132 €.

Do not miss out!

Find out more in the Daniya Dénia 96 642 89 01 phone number.

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