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Difficult CD output. Dénia to Swedish

13 September 2014 - 11: 13

El CD. Dénia facing the second day of league in preferred group III, with a difficult access to Swedish. The Dianense set will play on Sunday at 11 am in the field of child waterfront city before the SD. Swedish. A duel that arbitration will referee González Ferrando.

Directing staff Jesús Moratal faces this confrontation with the moral by clouds after his spectacular victory over the Columbus Parts. Confidence that the team needed came after that meeting. During the weekly training, the coach made it clear to his men have to keep our feet on the ground. Overconfidence does not want to duel with the SD. Swedish.

CD starting XI. Dénia against R. Colon

Most players dianenses well known how difficult it is to score points in the Valencian fiefdom. His hobby is usually the most passionate group. The pressure and the environment against is something that has the team of Marina Alta.

The meeting has its morbid as two players this season wear the white shirt of the SD. Swedish Migue and Luis Morelló have worn the yellow elastic. Morelló knows the team well since only a few months ago he shared that wardrobe with them.

Everything indicates that Jesus will return confidence to Moratal eleven came home last Sunday, I sincerely believe that everyone was won by the performance they had. The big question is to know which players will complete the call, as Ismael returns from suspension and players like Mono, Abou and Faye already know what it is to stay out of it.

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