Differences between life and death insurance, with Almudena Seguros Dénia Benidorm Altea

May 12 from 2020 - 09: 25

So you know what you hire, and so you don't leave any headaches to your family members, Almudena Seguros Denia Benidorm Altea It explains what exactly these two types of insurance consist of, which can be confused.

Life insurance: what it covers and for whom you are thinking

The main coverages are the compensation in case of death for any cause (natural or by accident), and the compensation in case of absolute disability due to accident. Life insurance is intended for people who have a mortgage on their home, or a family with young children, to guarantee them to meet the expenses of their studies and upbringing if the parents die. Life insurance is automatically canceled by contract when the person turns 65 or 70, or when the mortgage ends.

Something very important to know is that a death at age 85 (according to our life expectancy) is not covered with life insurance, because at that age it will be many years since our insurance ended and we will have nothing. For this reason, there is death or death insurance.

What is a death insurance for and when is it recommended

Maybe you can think about having life insurance until 65 and after this age, hire the death insurance. However, this is not feasible because death insurance takes the age of hire into account in calculating the premium. At 65 you would pay the maximum, while if you signed up for insurance when you were younger it would always be very economical and much more profitable. Another fundamental factor is that insurers cannot insure people over 70 with death insurance.

Death insurance guarantees the services that have to do with death: it has all the coverages that make family members face the funeral expenses. This is a big difference with life insurance. One of the advantages of death insurance is that family members do not have to deal with costly bureaucratic procedures, but the insurance takes care of the procedures, such as requesting the loss of pensions, requesting a widow's, orphan's, management inheritance, among other tasks.

Death insurance is aimed at all people, and the recommendation is to hire it at an early age, since this guarantees that we can always pay a level premium, without increases due to age and that when the risk age reaches, a quota will result very economical. In Almudena Seguros Denia Benidorm Altea They offer you coverage designed so that, in addition to having everything related to death covered, you can count on a multitude of coverages that make your day-to-day easier: health benefits, travel, shopping, home assistance, free unlimited telephone lawyer advice and much more. Visit them at calle Cándida Carbonell, 1 - Local A, or contact them on 96 578 03 49.

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