20 March 2015 - 01: 24

With the failures 2015 still in the retina, the next exercise, 2016, have already begun. San Jose Day afternoon, as is tradition in the festival, the city commissioners gave the names of who will be their top executives this year.

The place of receipt of all was the Town Hall, where the Falleras Over Denia, Carla Petrie y Candela Pastor, Along with their courts of honor and members of the Local Board Fallera They welcomed the new charges.

Receiving New falleros presidents - Presidents 2016

The first to reach the square were components Diana failsWho presented to Christian Pellicer Ramis as president for the new year. Christian takes eleven years linked to Diana fails, meets 23 years in May and said that since September has to be presented clearly in charge.

Receiving New falleros presidents - Christian Pellicer

La Falla Saladar not only announced the name of its president, but also from their positions for the new year will be special for the failure to celebrate the anniversary 50. José Vicente Cholbi be the president, who will be accompanied by Inés Alacreu as Fallera Mayor and Raúl Chacón and Itziar Rosalén as children charges.

Cholbi child was Chairman and CEO of numerous areas in over 20 years of attachment to the failure. Agnes was a surprise for his election as faller and was happy with the choice of children's charges.

Receiving New falleros presidents - Charges fails Saladar 2016

The following failure to disclose the name of its president this year was the fails Camp Roig, Whose presidency rests with one of the founders of the fault, Alejandro Pardo. That same night Alexander announced that its faller be Verónica Álvarez, one of her best friends. The new faller was nervous and excited about the new stage is coming after six years of membership in the commission.

Receiving New falleros presidents - Charges fails Camp Roig 2016

The young Ivan Llorens, of 23 years, will take the reins of the Baix la Mar fails. The president said that it will try to return to the fault everything that has given him. He acknowledged that is not an easy charge but will be addressed with enthusiasm and work. Though he said no name, Ivan said it already has in mind the name of any of the charges that will accompany this year.

Receiving New falleros presidents - Ivan Llorens

La Falla Les Roques René has chosen Miralles, who returns to the presidency 20 years after his first term. Miralles explained that his intention is to go ahead on the line that have been working in recent years and announced that some of the charges that will accompany him and has decided.

Receiving New falleros presidents - René Miralles

Poto restaurateur Frau Marti will be the president of the Port Rotes fails, to which he is most closely linked since his daughter Neus was a faller major two years ago. The new president acknowledged being "unprepared" and confessed a "eager beaver" it has always been necessary.

Receiving New falleros presidents - Poto Martí

Darrere del Castell will be chaired by Ana Ortiz at 2016 a faller with 26 years of history in the committee that has been Fallera Mayor, secretary and delegate celebrations over the years, among other charges.

Receiving New falleros presidents - Ana Ortiz

With 15 years of membership Paris Pedrera, Roberto Jiménez takes the reins of the Paris Pedrera flaw in 2016. Encouraged by the good atmosphere of the failure despite the complicated year left behind, Roberto thinks he can contribute a lot to the failure in the next year.

Reception of new Fallas presidents - Roberto Jiménez

Rubén Flores is the new president of the Falla West. It takes 7 years on the commission and has targeted "take the West fault to a higher level".

Receiving New falleros presidents - Rubén Flores

The last name was known on the night of March 19 was that of David Ramis, new president Falla Center. Nervous and barely able to speak, Ramis said he was thinking only of his children and his wife in such a special moment.

Receiving New falleros presidents - David Ramis

After all these names, we just need to know who will chair the Campaments fails this year, in which the 25 anniversary of the commission is satisfied.

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