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Dianium Dansa still place value Corpus dances in Dénia

May 30 from 2016 - 00: 02

After more than 25 years caring for dances and traditional dances, the Dianium Dansa group continues to place value on the treasures that popular culture has left in Dénia installed throughout history. A good example of these are the dances of Corpus Christi, that although in Dénia date from the late fifteenth century, it was not until 1994 when this training to provide the recovered their splendor to the festival of Corpus Christi in the city.

Each year, Dianium Dansa lives one of the biggest days of the season with Corpus dances, which year after year has grown to become a must for many locals and visitors.

Danses Corpus Dénia 2016 - Dansa dels arquets

May 29 Sunday was the day that took to the streets all their traditional dances. The route in this case was from the Church of San Antonio to the Church of the Assumption, through the streets Cándida Carbonell and La Mar.

Dances began with the Dragon, the figure Dianium Dansa joined his entourage in 2012 and symbolizing the ferocity demon. In addition it is also one of the most curious arouses among children who attend as an audience.

After the colla Xirimiters They danced the Tirant i Carmesina giant, since 2011 part of these balls. Then they paraded the heads, four couples of different races symbolizing the cult of the Eucharist on four continents.

Danses Corpus Dénia 2016 - The Dragon and Tirant i Carmesina

Smaller training were the following characters, showing their qualities in Dansa de les Panderetes Dansa dels Llauradors dansa the Palotets Dansa dels Arquets and the dansa the CavalletsAll with ela tuendo corresponding to each of the dances.

They were followed in charge of the Dansa de les vetes Swedish, widely applauded when making a showy braid with colorful ribbons bearing, similar to those used in the next dance, the ball of magrana.

Danses Corpus Dénia 2016 - Ball of Moma

The last part of the civic procession composed traditional Dansa de DéniaWhich Dianium Dansa has recovered from oblivion a few years ago, and the flat DANSA and folk. As is traditional, closed dances expected Ball of MomaThe representation of the struggle between good and evil. It is composed of momos, seven dancers representing the seven deadly sins, and the Moma, a man dressed in white representing virtue and carrying a scepter and a crown of flowers.

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