Arrested for extorting through threats and attacks on three people in Dénia

25 September 2020 - 14: 30

Agents of the National Police have arrested in the town of Dénia a man of Spanish nationality, about 36 years old, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of extortion, obstruction of justice, coercion and injuries.

The investigation began through the complaint of one of the victims in which she reported having been intimidated and attacked by an individual in order to collect an economic debt that she had contracted with a third person.

Agents of the Judicial Police Group of the Dénia Police Station, in charge of the case, in turn detected the existence of more victims who had been subjected to similar extortion by the same person, whom they harassed and threatened with physical attacks if not They gave him certain financial amounts, one of them also being harassed through social networks, which is known as a crime of coercion in the form of Stalking.

The modus operandi of the alleged perpetrator was always the same, he approached the victims in broad daylight, when they were in their daily chores, distracted, without waiting to be attacked, at which time he demanded certain financial amounts from them through violence and intimidation, thus conditioning their will and forcing them to make an economic disposition to the detriment of their assets, one of the victims arriving to be assisted in a hospital due to the serious injuries caused in the attack by the alleged perpetrator of the events.

Another of the victims, frightened by the death threats, since the alleged perpetrator was known for his extensive criminal curriculum and for his knowledge of different martial arts, came to give in to his threats and gave him part of the money claimed out of fear of fear. any retaliation.

With all that was collected, the investigators took steps to find out the circumstances of everything that happened, taking statements from victims and witnesses, managing to identify the alleged perpetrator and determine their participation in the events, being finally arrested and charged with an alleged crime of extortion, obstruction of justice, coercion and injury.

The detainee, with numerous antecedents for similar events, was placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Guard of the town of Dénia.

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