Arrested in Dénia a violent thief who stabbed one of his victims in the chest in the middle of the street

04 September 2022 - 09: 49

Agents of the National Police have arrested a man accused of committing two crimes of robbery with violence, injuries and a crime of attempted homicide in the town of Dénia.

The first victim of the detainee told the agents in his complaint that a man approached him from behind and gave him a strong push causing his mobile phone to fall to the ground. The aggressor took advantage of the moment to take the phone from the victim. Immediately afterwards he also tried to snatch a backpack from her but, given the victim's refusal to give it to him, the aggressor pricked him in the leg with a sharp object and fled the scene. The victim began to bleed from the wound produced, so she was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where the wound was sutured.

A similar event occurs a few hours

More serious was the second of the robberies allegedly committed by the detainee, resulting in a crime of attempted murder. On this occasion, the author snatched a packet of tobacco from a man's hands and, when he wanted to retrieve it, the detainee violently attacked him, both falling to the ground, which was used by the attacker to stab him in the chest to his victim.

Due to the seriousness of the injury, the victim was taken to the hospital for a health indication and had to be treated by the Emergency Service when presenting, according to the medical report, a two-centimeter puncture wound in the right hemithorax.

The statements of the two victims of these events, as well as of the witnesses who witnessed the events, were of vital importance to identify the alleged perpetrator of the same who, after the investigations carried out by the Judicial Police Group of the Dénia Police Station, who took charge of the investigation, was located and arrested.

The detainee, a 38-year-old man, was placed at the disposal of the Dénia Guard Court of Instruction, ordering his entry into provisional prison.

Useful witness evidence for solving police cases

The National Police has thanked the collaboration of those citizens who have witnessed a criminal act and who have provided useful data for the investigation of such relevance that they have even been able to lead the investigative units to clarify a fact, remembering that these actions They are, on many occasions, fundamental, as long as the Police are notified as soon as possible and their own safety is not compromised.

  1. hominid says:

    What nationality was the aforementioned man? Norwegian? Canadian? finnish maybe?

  2. Paco says:

    Thank you very much to the police force, good job, hopefully the criminal does not return to the street

    • javi says:

      of course the police have done a good job but unfortunately in four days that guy will be on the street again returning to his misdeeds