Three people arrested during the early morning for robbery with force in vehicles in Dénia

January 24 from 2023 - 10: 28

During this morning, the Dénia Local Police received a call from a neighbor warning of a possible robbery. The woman had gone out to walk her pet when she heard a loud noise from an electric saw in the area of ​​the free parking of land in front of the Llebeig school.

The men were, according to the woman's statement, in a suspicious attitude, but when they saw her they rushed into a black vehicle leaving quickly.

A police patrol was present at the scene and finally intercepted them on Avenida del Montgó. When searching the vehicle in which they fled, tools and utensils were found that could have been used for the robbery. After inspecting them, it has been determined that the men were using their efforts to steal catalytic converters from vehicles.

Another patrol, in turn, carried out an inspection of the cars parked in the parking lot where the woman reported the theft and located one from which the catalyst had just been removed, also finding a saw blade that matched the brand and color with those found. in the suspect's vehicle.

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