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After the holidays: How to return to good nutrition and improve our habits?

January 18 from 2016 - 10: 24

Christmas is a wonderful time to enjoy with family and rest, however overeating and lack of physical activity is usually noticed on the scale to return to the routine. When the holidays pass is ideal to start taking care time, return to a healthy weight and healthy habits.

After Christmas the most important thing we can do is a good cleansing of the body in order to eliminate the excesses and feel better. For this you must first make sure 5 take food a day, of which at noon and dinner need to introduce lots of vegetables, both raw and cooked meats and avoid excess, especially red. Vegetable purees such as courgettes, cabbages, onions, celery and carrots are perfect for lunch and dinner.

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And very important and effective are natural complements tonics, remember that good drainage is an ally at this time. natural components such as elderberry, birch, goldenrod, horsetail, artichoke, boldo, dandelion, etc, can help remove fluids more and purify the liver and kidney, for example Drainage Activator ( Biform) and Mega Drain (Biform) are excellent debuggers that are noticeable from the first day they are taken.

However it is normal that after the excess of the holidays, returning to the daily routine and linked to stress have much appetite and anxiety at certain times of day, so help satiating plants like Garcinia Cambogia-Biform or supplements such as Cr- control (Dietisa) will help control this situation. Similarly therapies such as auricular therapy (stimulation of nerve endings in the ear) are ideal to avoid those awkward moments of anxiety.

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On the other hand, it is time to start a physical activity, this can be quiet as yoga or tai chi or can be more active as swimming or cycling, the important thing is to choose what we like and be constant. For more action sports if you also want to lose weight you can take L-carnitine-Biform. This natural substance increases the consumption of fats and if you take 1 hour before the sport, it will improve the performance and the result of any diet. However, this substance should only be taken when doing action sports and in adequate amounts.

And if you just want a gentle activity while helping to lose weight can opt for burners effective, natural and scientifically proven, for example fat Citrus aurantium (fat burning) or if you want to eliminate the abdomen, Zona M (Dietisa) is an excellent choice.

Finally it is necessary to drink enough water a day (minimum 1,5 liters) and avoid excess fat (fried, pastries, sauces, etc.). And if we want to improve our health and know the foods that we tolerate and not tolerate, we can try a food intolerance test.

En City Center Orenda Vega Test propose allowing more than 120 test substances quickly and efficiently.

As you can see, the options are many, a good diet, a good complement and physical activity will help us to feel better after parties, to regain our right weight and acquire healthy habits. And remember to visit a dietitian is the best help for a proper diet each ons that are of better help the person and let us know if we are right weight.

In Orenda offer all options with qualified and professionalism necessary to be better and healthy people. Trust Orenda services to meet your goals, and do not miss next Tuesday January 26 to the free measurement of Orenda. Inform yourself and take care of your:

- Weight
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- Body fat percentage
- Percentage of liquids
- Muscle mass percentage
- Visceral fat
- Basal metabolism

Do not hesitate and join in Orenda or 965789690 phone. And get the best results in your center Orenda.

Lyz Avendaño

Wellness Center Orenda

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