Desolador aerial video of the coast of Les Deveses after Gloria

January 24 from 2020 - 00: 38

Several days later, we still receive disturbing images of Gloria's passing through Dénia. A reader sends us this video that shows, from a drone view, one of the areas most suffered by the storm: Les beach Deveses.

As you can see, the frontline houses that are in that area at the end of Marines they have taken the brunt of it. Even with the open wounds of the recent storms, they are beaten again to rage with their pain.

A few months ago we talked about the water eating the beach. And now? What a beach? Nothing has stopped the sea that has broken down dunes and walls. But Gloria had to continue towards other lands to which to suffer in the same or greater way, and that is the only thing that has managed to stop, for now, the violence against Les Devesses

  1. Quique says:

    Desolador is to see on the ground the sign that says that the 'regeneration' of the sand cost € 60.000 a few weeks ago
    Even more devastating will be to see what it takes for the 'owners' of the public domain to throw tons of concrete and dozens of sand trucks, expanding even their 'properties', as three years ago

    • Fernando says:

      Someone is doing business at the cost of throwing sand that the sea takes away and "manufacturing" beaches where there were meters of stones that slowed the waves. And on top of that they allowed them to be built on top of the dune, which is the only thing that stops the waves.

  2. Antonio says:

    The most serious problem is that in Las Marinas and in most of the coast, we have loaded the dunes that are the largest natural containment dike, to build at sea level and when they are badly given, these are sadly the consequences.