From next Monday the owners will be able to visit their boats

May 01 from 2020 - 11: 29

The latest statement from the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, states that, starting next Monday, May 4, it will be possible for owners to visit their boats for safety and maintenance checks, provided that the boat is in the same municipal term in which the owner resides. Only one person may access the boat to carry out these activities and the procedures and protocols established by the marinas will be respected at all times. “All our ports have been prepared for days to start receiving visits from the owners of the boats with absolute security. This phase of de-escalation will allow us to thoroughly check the effectiveness of the measures, being able to have time to test them and to be able to correct or improve if the situation requires it, "says Gabriel Martínez, president of the Spanish Federation of Port Associations Sports and Tourism.

The Feapdt appreciates the intense work done by all the autonomous associations of ports in Spain, which make up the Spanish Federation, and wants to highlight the intense collaboration and support of the Spanish Maritime Cluster. In addition to showing appreciation to the other associations of the nautical sector for the work they have done in recent weeks. "It is also worth highlighting the sensitivity and understanding of the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine towards marinas and tourist ports and recreational boating," says Martínez. Earlier this week, the Feapdt and the Spanish Maritime Cluster delivered to the DGMM a document with a series of requests "that we see fully reflected in their latest statement."

Starting next Monday, you can practice sport sailing (non-professional) individually and in waters of the same municipality where the boat is located and its owner resides.

Phase I

You can navigate in limited groups, considering recreational and sports navigation as an active and nature tourism activity. Geographical limitations also apply in the waters of the province or island in which navigation is practiced, always taking extreme measures of hygiene and safety, both in nautical-sports facilities and in the boat itself, as well as by users. they are going to sail together. The Feadpt recommends that the crew be made up of members of a single family, or any other social unit, who usually share the same address.

Phase II

In phase II at the beginning of June, the owners of boats that were moored in a municipal area other than their residence, but in the same province, could already make visits to carry out safety and maintenance checks. As in the previous phase, navigation will also have geographical limitations without being able to make trips to the waters of other provinces or islands. Here again, navigation practices could be carried out to obtain recreational titles, which require the use of recreational boats, as a training activity (retail trade and service provision activities).

Phase III

The full opening will come, with phase III, in mid-June, when "recreational nautical activities will be authorized, without limitation, therefore, without geographical limits" and navigation may be done between provinces.

The Feadpt has been working these weeks together with the Spanish Maritime Cluster, TurEspaña and the Coastal and Border Service of the Civil Guard "to whom we thank for their work and support," concludes the president of the Feapdt.

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  1. Walter says:

    "From next Monday the visits of the owners to their boats will be possible"
    I want to ask why I can't go visit my sailboat that is in Oliva ten kilometers from my house in Els Poblet ?! I do not know can you establish a distance limit for the towns that are close, on the edge of two provinces?
    I think there are many people in the same situation as me!
    Thanks and best regards!

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