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24 March 2020 - 15: 35

People are in the networks: they keep us connected to the outside in these days of quarantine. Surely you understand what we are talking about: we have more time than ever and social networks are an open window to the world. Next, we will see how networking is helping us all in one way or another.

Social media presence is now more important than ever

See what moves in the companies and shops in Dénia: energy, positive messages and an incredible desire to return.

Casa Miguel Juan has launched the #DespensaParaTodos campaign by donating all the fresh products they had in their fridge to soup kitchens.

Guarana beauty center It transmits fun tips to keep you safe during this quarantine, and it does it in the form of videos and easy and enjoyable content.

Home workouts are being of great use to people. Centro Deportivo Dénia adds to this very good way of collaborating with the general well-being.

With careful images and simple messages, Aesthetic Clinic Castelblanque It shows you purposes for this confinement: do not get bored, do sports and take care of food. If you need to be reminded, they will be posting to keep your spirits up.

Medical Clinic Montgó offers you healthy life tips, very important for these days of confinement. See what an easy way to tell you!

So you don't lose your fitness and keep stress at low levels, Franciso Prieto Studio share some great workouts.

GV Arquitecnia Keep showing projects, both reforms and new construction, so you know that the house of your dreams is waiting for you. You just have to let these moments pass.

To Chop Something teaches very suggestive dishes to cook at home, recipes, ideas and encourages you to overcome the situation. Seeing your posts makes you want to go back to normal!

Peumóvil teaches you the new models and reminds you of their services on-line, although they do not have the dealership open, among them, some as useful as their emergency service in the workshop.

Why have we come to this situation and how can we get out of it? On the social networks of polyclinic CUME They reflect on what is happening to us and share it with you.

A positive and hopeful profile helps a lot these days: Restaurant Noguera has chosen this line of publications, wishing to enjoy again, but putting a good face on it in bad weather.

Ammos Restaurant share recipes, positive phrases, exciting messages, memories ... Your social networks become a quiet place where you can have a good time reading your posts.

restaurant Mena has chosen to show traditional cuisine dishes that we like so much. In addition, each day he is recommending a song from his "Casa Mena radio spots".

Recommendations can also be made to use the free time we are having: The Inglés Institute gives you advice and tips in that regard.

So now you know: during this quarantine you can find all the life and all the activity that we need on the networks. They are making very interesting content. Follow them!

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