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Yvonne, massages, beauty & beauty It has a wide variety of body treatments and massages to prepare your body for good weather. Choose your bonus of five sessions, with which you pay four and enjoy a completely free session.

Muscle contractures, lumbago, fibromyalgia

If you want to reduce muscle tension, this is your ideal massage. With this anti-inflammatory massage you will reduce cramps and joint pains. It is done by applying hot organic carbon in the areas to be treated. Thanks to the temperature of Tuba and the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of the active ingredients present in the formulas, you will get an immediate relief of pain.

You can choose the massage of 30 minutes to treat an area, the one of 30 minutes for half body or the one of 55 minutes for whole body.

Anti cellulite

Firms and tones your skin and eliminates your cellulite. They will perform a basic cellular activation and k1 with collagen that manages to recover the loss of elasticity, tone and eliminate fluid retention. In addition, you will burn fat and achieve a sliming, firming and mineralizing effect, while producing an anti-fatigue effect. In the treatment a mixture of natural micro-ingredients is used and lasts for 45 minutes.

Tropical getaway (papaya and pineapple)

Eliminate dead cells and impurities, activate circulation and hydrate your body with tropical escaped treatment. In addition, you can enjoy an anti-aging mask. Choose between the minutes 30 treatment with peeling, shower and body hydration or the 55 minutes treatment with peeling, 10 minutes mask (while doing your face), shower and hydration with massage.

In Yvonne, massages, aesthetics & beauty you will find a wide variety of massages and treatments, such as hot stone massage, tired leg massage, chair massage, aromatherapy massage, or treatments such as chocolate therapy and wine body and facial therapy. Discover the full range of treatments on their website yvonneliebster.com or call 607 304 320.

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