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Discover the sports and personal achievements of Bfit customers

February 17 from 2020 - 10: 16

En Bfit They celebrate four years of intense and rewarding work remembering what some of their clients have achieved thanks to their advice. Look at what motivating stories!

Tico Romany went from an operation to complete very tough competitions

"It will be difficult for you to do intensity sports," doctors told Tico after a hip arthroscopy with reconstruction of the labrum. However, in the three years he has trained with Bfit, he has completed several bicycle rallies, including three Osprey, duathlons and even foot races. With Tico they focused on working the whole area of ​​the Core and the lower train, strengthening and securing that area of ​​the hip, and preventing a prosthesis from being placed. In addition, they prepared the area to withstand the burden and impact of all their challenges.

Pepe Olmier, athlete who competes in contact sports

Pepe proclaimed himself Champion of Spain WKL Neo Professional of Muay Thai. In Bfit he worked his physical training specifically reinforcing the upper and middle train, and improving his anaerobic capacity. Thus he managed to improve a lot in his sports discipline.

Amparo Llorca has gained quality of life and health

Amparo went to Bfit as a sedentary person and suffering from cervical discomfort. Thanks to his perseverance and the correct advice, his life has made a great change: his pains have diminished and his physical form has improved. In the aesthetic part, it has lost weight. And has managed to perform Popular careers.

An experienced runner with a weak point: Tony Herrera's experience

Tony was already a very experienced runner when he went to Bfit, but he had a lack of strength work in the room. He went to improve that small weak point, because his goal was quite large: finish the famous Montblanc UTMB race with 171 kilometers and a cumulative slope of 10.000 meters. I knew that strength training was an important point in their preparation and with that idea they started. Finally, he loosely achieved his challenge by finishing in less than 36 hours.

What do you think of these personal stories of sport and improvement? If you also want to have yours, trust Bfit. Go see them at Calle Sertorio 13, or contact 634 62 50 30 XNUMX. And change your life!

  1. Carina Martinez says:

    Your goals are your goals, they are great and very professional 🤩

  2. Fran López says:

    Very professional!

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