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Discover the amazing Neolith countertops in Marina Cuines

05 March 2020 - 08: 00

Do not scratch, are waterproof and resistant to high temperatures. Neolith kitchen countertops offer you cutting-edge material in your kitchen, and you have them in Marina Cuines.

The Neolith is a material that It does not release harmful substances, completely suitable for contact with food and very easy to clean. It is also stain resistant because its absorption is practically 0%.

This new material is a stone sintered, that is, a stone obtained artificially by subjecting raw materials to the same physical processes that suffer in nature, but accelerated: very high pressures and temperatures make the stone pass in a short time for what happens in nature in thousands of years . So you get a material with extraordinary characteristics, and that you have available in different formats, thicknesses and finishes:

  • One of Neolith's differences from other materials is its low thickness, since you can have 3, 6, 12 and 20 mm pieces.
  • The finishes can be Satin, Natural Honed, Riverwashed, Silk, Décor Polished y Nanotech Polished.

Head over to Marina Cuines and discover in person the new possibilities for your kitchen that Neolith gives you. They are on Carlos Sentí 45 Street. Ask them your questions on 966433219.

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