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Discover how a little house by the sea became Noguera Mar Hotel

August 08 from 2019 - 11: 11

It all started in Marines, at the tip of l'Estanyó. Juanito Noguera received from his parents Pep i Tona a house and land in inheritance. Only watermelons and Muscat grapes could be grown on the land due to the influence of the sea, which had formed a crust of salt on the land. And the house was a modest little house by the sea: the germ of Noguera Mar Hotel.

In the 60 years, due to the concentration of posidonia (which gives life to the Mediterranean and that filled the area with wildlife), many fishing enthusiasts arrived. The friendly character of Juanito and the ability of Rosa, his wife, to act as a hostess, made a window of his house open to serve some appetizer of casserole or dried octopus.

Gradually, not only fishermen noticed this area, but also tourists. So the Noguera began to think seriously about the possibility of opening a business.

To raise the money and start, they sold their bakery and emigrated to France. They returned with time and built a restaurant next to that house that was the beginning of everything. And now they are going through the second and third generation of the Noguera family, with renewed energy but always with the enormous effort and dedication of the origins. Ready to continue the story.

  1. Francesca Bahamonde Sanchez says:

    Take a story for the people of Poble d'Ondara

  2. Anna Betlem Castellano Noguera says:

    Aiii Paco,

    Thanks to you, which is also essential in our history.

    What do I like to go to the sea and bid to Paco,

    Anna Betlem

  3. Paco colomina giner (Churret) says:

    How many summers spent in the company of your dear family, from Alcoy. Thanks for everything.

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