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May 08 from 2019 - 08: 30

Om Massage Dénia It has a wide variety of specialized massages to find the inner harmony. Discover your relaxing massage, in which you will feel the well-being thanks to 60 minutes of relaxation in legs, buttocks, back, neck and head. Free yourself from stress and connect with your inner space of peace and tranquility with this massage with essential oils.

Achieve peace and physical and spiritual calm with your Om massage. This work in a meditative state fuses chiromassage with energy techniques and aromatherapy. Free your body of muscular tensions and get the optimal mental balance.

Reduce body tension with your decontracting massage. This chiromassage will focus on relieving muscle tension in the deeper tissue, especially in the upper part of the body. Improve your stress with this complete massage.

In addition, you will find the comfortable massage Onsite with a duration of 10 / 20 minutes, ideal to do it wherever you are. Focused also for companies, in this massage the client is seated and without undressing.

Reach a deep inner peace with your mindfulness massage. It combines the guided practice of mindfulness followed by a massage session to internalize everything that happened. Om Massage will help you in the process of returning to self-esteem with this mixture of massage and mindfulness.

Live your Om Massage Dénia experience. Get your appointment by calling 667 51 19 66 or visit them at Carrer de Sertori, 9.

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