Discover Dica kitchens of the highest quality and exclusive designs in carpentry Fusta

February 15 from 2016 - 09: 56

En carpentry Fusta They want the best for you, and that's why they work with one of the best brands of kitchens: DICA. Laundry, special cabinets, appliances integrations .... Whatever you want, DICA does it for you.

Trust one of the leading brands on the market, since it has high quality materials and also designs that will make your kitchen a unique space.

Dica Kitchen Soho Model

There are several models you can choose from three designs. You'd love them!

Arkadia model features a spectacular wood kitchen and refined forms, it is a mixture of tradition and design that will make the kitchen an unparalleled space.

You can not miss the star DICA series: Model MILANO 45. A kitchen with a song miter 45 degrees in various materials available. Come see the song plated laser, you have not seen anything like it.

SOHO model and you have a design similar to Arkadia, but with a more current point. In addition, you can design your own table.

Trust DICA and Carpintería Fusta and get a high-level kitchen with modern and contemporary decor. Your kitchen will speak for itself and will become your favorite space in the house.

Head to carpentry Fusta in Cristaller Street, 26-28, (Teulada).

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