Defeat by the minimum of CFS Mar Dénia against Albatera

May 02 from 2022 - 11: 04

Aware of the difficulty of the rival, the Dianense team jumped onto the track focused and from the initial whistle sought control of the ball. The local team with a more delayed defense, waited in their field and launched quick counterattacks.

The chances were not long in coming and it was Mar Dénia who had the best chances, but once again the lack of goals punished them harshly and in the 12th minute in one of the few arrivals of the locals it was 1-0 after a serve corner. The Dianense team continued to generate good chances but without success in front of goal.

In the 16th minute the local player Serna was expelled after hitting David in the face with his elbow in the dispute for the ball and Mar Dénia took advantage of the inferiority to achieve the equalizer after a shot on the edge of the area by Jordi More that meant 1 -one. But the joy was short-lived, since on the next play a defensive error meant the 1-2 with which the rest of the match was reached.

The second half started in the same way, with a Mar Dénia turned in search of a tie and a local team that waited in their field and launched quick counterattacks. The chances were not long in coming and the game hardened at times with the permissiveness of the arbitral couple. In the 27th minute after a loss of the ball in midfield it was 3-1 and on the next play Nico managed to score 3-2.

The Dianense box was overturned on the rival goal and crashed several balls into the sticks. In the 32nd minute, the refereeing couple did not point out a clear penalty from the local goalkeeper on Borja, which would also have meant the
expulsion for the player and a minute later it was 4-2, although again it was quickly answered by Mar Dénia who managed to score 4-3 after executing Jordi a maximum penalty. There were 6 minutes remaining for the end of the match and the Dianense coach put a player on the goalkeeper track in search of the comeback, but the lack of success in the face of the goal severely punished Mar Dénia and the end of the match was reached with the final result of

Next week, the Dianense team will receive CFS San Blas Sax at the Dénia Municipal Sports Center, a match corresponding to the 31st day that will be played on Saturday, May 7 at 16:00 p.m.

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