Defeat of Mar Dénia after a great comeback from the rival supported by a doubtful and controversial arbitration

February 15 from 2021 - 11: 12

Difficult displacement for CFS Mar Dénia, who, far from being intimidated, knew how to stand up to his rival, Club Manresa FS, and from the opening whistle take control of the ball.

With high pressure, the Dianense team prevented the locals from leaving with the ball under control, while Mar Dénia managed to get out again and again with the ball from their goal. The chances were immediate and in minute 7 came the 0-1 work of Omar, who after a good deception shot at the edge of the area and managed to score.

The game had a high rhythm and the local team also arrived with danger in front of the goal defended by Sergi, but it was Mar Dénia who showed the most hit and in the 9th minute, after a rapid triangulation between Sergi, Juanjo and Nico, the latter commanded a long pass to Luis that saved the local goalkeeper's exit and scored the 0-2.

Mar Dénia enjoyed its best minutes of play and had the game fully controlled. In the 13th minute, after a throw-in in the middle of the field, Omar took out parallel to the line to uncheck Toni Tent and he launched a quick counter before the goalkeeper's exit, beating him low and putting the 0-3 in the marker.

The game turned on its face and Mar Dénia had more chances to increase the score, but it would no longer move in the first half.

The second half was different, the Dianense team delayed their pressure line and this motivated the locals to turn more to the attack, although two minutes after the restart it was Omar who traced the play of the first half, and from outside shooting raised the 0 -4 on the scoreboard. A goal quickly answered because, after the center kick, the captain of the Manresa team, Carlos Corvo, threw a strong shot that Xavi touched at the far post and scored 1-4.

The locals, with the scoreboard against, increased the intensity, but the Mar Dénia, well placed, managed to stop the local attacks time and time again.

With six minutes remaining, the worst came with the local team turned on the attack, the arbitration decisions "Nothing partial [sic] and a sibylline tolerance on the part of the referee team before the complaints of the local players for everything", according to the Dianense club.

Corvo assumed responsibility for his team and scored 3 goals in one minute, in the same way, leaving his marker on the right wing and with a strong low toe. There were 5 minutes remaining and Manresa had managed to equalize the score. They had taken the game to their field and with spirits burning, anything could happen.

In minute 38 came the 5-4 and quickly Javi Arnau put the goalkeeper player on the court in search of the equalizer, but once again it was impossible.In addition, a grab for Juanjo when he went alone to goal or a ball on the edge of the area that was picked up by the goalkeeper with his hands, were ignored by the arbitration couple.

With the result of 5-4 and, with understandable local euphoria, the game ended, although the last act remained, because after coach Javi Arnau addressed the refereeing pair showing his anger, he saw how they showed him the red card, with what What this means for future meetings.

Next day, CFS Mar Dénia will host Futsal Mataró at home, second in the general classification, in a match corresponding to matchday 15 that will be played on Saturday 20/02/2021 at 18:00 at the Dénia Municipal Sports Center .

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