Dénia Tennis Club defeat in the first round of the league Padel

29 October 2015 - 00: 00

The women's team of Padel Dénia Tennis Club I was defeated at the Tennis Club Jávea by 0 to 3 on the first day of the First Category Interclub league.

Molina and with the Moro Merle and Martinez dianenses

The matches were played on the premises of Dianense club and number one in the couple formed by Raquel Molina and Marisa Merle fell to the number one javienses; Jessica Moro and Isabel Martínez, of 4 / 6 and 1 / 6.

The Garcia and Ramiro javienses with the Kearley and Ivars dianenses

The second Dianense pairing of Andrea Meli Kearley and Ivars lost to Laura García and Saray Ramiro by a double 6 / 4. In the confrontation between dianenses, Marta Álvarez and Silvia Moncho and javienses Ana Catalá and Nieves García, was won by the latter by 6 / 7 and 2 / 6.

The Alvarez and near the Catala javienses Moncho and Garcia dianenses

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