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The Department of Health is studying Dénia implement an alarm button to cases of gender violence

May 02 from 2017 - 16: 10

Gender-based violence is one of the great scourges to beat for the Department of Health of Dénia. Currently, the Guarantee Commission for the Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence has proposed the implementation of an alert code for the fight against gender violence. Specifically it would be an alarm button that would be operational in all units or service areas and could be pressed if there is any episode of violence against women.

This proposal is currently awaiting confirmation, and is included in a package of measures to improve the provisions of the Organic Law 1 / 2004, 28 December on Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence.

The Commission also believes that the worker victim of gender violence can maintain and extend her situation of transfer, leave or change of shift beyond the established time. The commission also deems it pertinent to review the Occupational Harassment Protocol in the Marine Health Equality Plan to adapt it by incorporating measures of Gender Prevention.

Scheduling information to raise awareness among professionals on this issue and the inclusion of a specific clause for professionals outsourced companies can adhere to the same measures agreed at the Commission Assurance Marina Health activities are other items on this document, pending final approval.

The Guarantee Commission for the Protection of Victims of Gender Violence is formed by Corpus Gómez (Head of Development of Human Resources), Luis Miguel Cardó (Head of Selection, Communication, CSR and Corporate Image), Aroa Gandia (Prevention Technician) of Occupational Risks), Alicia Canet (Technician of Selection of Human Resources), Mónica Mera (representative CCOO), Maria Tro (Representative UGT), Mª Carmen Sanchis (Representative USAE) and Mª Pilar Rodríguez (Representative SATSE).

The Department of Health Dénia considered victims of gender violence to all working women to provide documentation of any competent body of public administration or the Center for Women, without necessarily is accredited by a protection order or report from the Public Ministry.

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