They denounce and seize the material from a poacher in the Cabo de San Antonio Marine Reserve

27 July 2022 - 20: 14

Agents of the Dénia Local Police Maritime Surveillance Service have surprised a poacher on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 27, who carried out underwater fishing inside the bathing area of ​​the Cabo de San Antonio Marine Reserve.

Carrying out their functions of surveillance and control of the bathing areas marked out by the Dénia City Council, in the Maritime Service boat, they have observed around 17:30 p.m., in the section between Punta Negra and Cala del final de Les Rotes, to a person who could be found spearfishing.

One of the agents has approached by swimming and has been able to verify how, effectively, that person was fishing.

In the same way, he has verified that he had three captures with him, for which reason they have proceeded to identify and confiscate the material used as well as the three pieces that he had collected.

A complaint will be filed with the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development, for fishing inside the Marine Reserve.

  1. Christmas says:

    A poor clueless rookie is the most you can catch... those if you paper them, but then those who really hurt and are really sneaky, don't even bother to follow them knowing full well who they are. with a beacon ball…🤣🤣🤣if you have to laugh!!!

  2. Icamel says:

    Well, if they walk through Deveses-Bonamar, between dogs making stools in the sand (some pick them up), people destroying the few dunes that remain, the lavapiés without water….they spend the day entertained.

  3. Raul says:

    As it is... A poacher goes deeper, with larger rifles, that rifle is from the beginning of underwater fishing, the poor person would be clueless and that's it...

  4. Angel Fernando Perez Miquel says:

    I think that the person or furtive fisherman, because of the material he uses and the pieces caught, three small breams and with his signaling buoy, is nothing more than a clueless novice, a poacher would not be signaled with a buoy... I THINK...