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Up to three times they denounce people from other provinces and communities on the eve of the bridge

May 01 from 2020 - 16: 44

Despite the insistence of the regulation on the state of alarm, there are still people who pretend to lead a normal life as if there were no health crisis, moving even to take a vacation.

During yesterday, the Dénia Local Police had to sanction several people for violating the decree of the state of alarm by being in the municipality with no address in it prior to the decree. One from another province, stop in Les Marines, and two others from other communities, one located on CV-730 and the other in Castell d'Olimbroi.

In addition, a couple, who acknowledged knowing the regulations, was sanctioned (a complaint to each member), for walking two children under Marqués de Campo. And, again, the large bottle made an appearance, leaving with 6 complaints, 2 to some offenders gathered drinking in the Plaza de la Constitució and 4 others in another point of the urban area.

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