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They denounce a person for supposedly going to buy walking Marqués de Campo from Les Marines

22 2020 April - 19: 33

Complaints continue for non-compliance with the decree of a state of alarm in Dénia. In total, 30 were the sanctions filed by the Local Police and the National Police in the town.

Among the excuses that these offenders brandish, that of going shopping still reigns, although this does not justify free rides. It is exactly what happened on one occasion yesterday, when a driver who went to buy stopped several supermarkets in his way, since he believed that he could move freely. Or make a more exquisite purchase with various products in different supermarkets, as another offender intended. The excuse is so in vogue that some tried to justify their presence on public roads with a purchase ticket issued three hours before being stopped by a patrol.

In addition, it has also served to give more than excessive walks. In Marqués de Campo, a neighbor from Les Marines was sanctioned, who had gone shopping at a pharmacy in the central street of Dénia, allegedly on foot.

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