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They denounce three people who took refuge in a parked car to smoke together

28 2020 April - 14: 11

During yesterday, the Dénia police again had to deal with several offenders who, a month and a half later, still do not respect the restrictions of confinement. And not only that, but up to two times he had to denounce, in addition, for violating the ordinance of citizen coexistence.

Despite it being Monday, two friends who were in one of their houses "drinking" were denounced. According to the police, they received a notice of discomfort due to the music and noise at dawn, which led them to the address on Calle Bretxa. There, the two people were punished, one of whom did not reside at that address.

Also in the urban area, another meeting ended in complaints for each of the participants. Now, this time it was a much more humble "meeting", in which 3 individuals are discovered smoking inside the same parked vehicle. To the agents' question, they reply that it had started to rain and that idea occurred to them. All 3 were sanctioned for breach of the decree of alarm status.

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