Denounced for throwing garbage into a ravine: "We are not going to pass another one"

August 12 from 2020 - 09: 59

Although it seems that society is increasingly aware of the environment, the new normal has shown how uncivil people can be, throwing plastic masks and gloves down public roads. But these low-minded people do not require this disposable normality to attack the planet.

Yes, there are still people who dare to throw their garbage into the ravines, areas that are kept with vegetation somewhat safe from human beings.

During yesterday afternoon, two people were caught getting rid of what they did not want in a ravine. However, the Environment staff of the City Council forced them to collect what they had thrown away and identified them to proceed with the complaint.

An act that has set off the Councilor for Ecological Transition, Maite Pérez Conejero, on social networks: "We're not going to spend another one ... it's not for me ... it's for you ... it's for Dénia."

  1. Toni Llorens says:

    Look Maite if I fixed an undercut of a truck and meu tireu the rubble dins of the meu bench and carry a month there, I will not denounce it, take them and this. What happens, that you consider an attack on the other person, is a problem teu. Sols expose fets.

  2. Luis says:

    Do not get cool now with the Pandemic, you just have to take a walk to see where rubble, remains of construction material, garbage and any crap have been allowed to be thrown at people for decades. Does it bother you now and not before? If people shoot, it is because they have been allowed and continue to be allowed. Let's see if they start to do their job or continue to allow it with or without a Pandemic.

  3. Toni Llorens says:

    And they are still there, whenever you want we will meet and we will see them.

  4. Toni Llorens says:

    Maite, look at the town where you are mayor. And when you do works, don't throw municipal rubble into the orange groves and leave them there for months.
    If a council does not set an example, what example do you want us to follow?

    • Maite Perez Conejero says:

      Mare meua these obsessionat in me..if you think something is not going to be from the City Council the one you want to report. Les irregularitats is necessary to report them fasa qui fasa. The truth is that La Xara is proud or liked per tot.

      • Toni Llorens says:

        Don't believe the center of L'univers. But why did I have the horts piles of rubble?
        I want to deixat there. Do not worry that els tindras in mig del cami demand first thing in the morning.

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