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Denounced a marriage for going out for a walk with a minor

29 2020 April - 14: 24

Despite the insistence of the different authorities through all the existing communication channels, the police still run into violations of the state of alarm decree on a daily basis. During yesterday in Dénia, the Local Police and National Police identified 39 people and controlled a total of 312 vehicles.

The agents had to open up to 39 reports of complaint for breaking the restrictions of the decree of the state of alarm. Among them, there are repeated the supposed cases of people who go to work but without any supporting document, those who go to visit a relative or run errands not being people in an exceptional situation, or those who still do not respect the distance and safety measures inside a vehicle.

Similarly, yesterday a family was sanctioned again for violating the minors' walk permit. A marriage was discovered in Patricio Ferrándiz walking a minor, when the decree restricts these walks to a single companion.

1 Comment
  1. Marcel August says:

    Is the complaint not against the law? Isn't it a vile act? Does it remind us of the GDR or something worse?

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