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Reported an offender from another community for going to Marqués de Campo «to have a look»

09 2020 April - 11: 43

Dénia is one of the municipalities in the Autonomous Community that most respect confinement, although there are still too many cases of offenders who decide to skip it without sufficient reason, which always leads to sanction.

Yesterday, the Local Police and National Police in Dénia again denounced more than fifty people for leaving their homes, disregarding the state of alarm decree.

In addition, there have been new cases of tourism despite the crisis. An offender residing in another autonomous community was denounced on Diana Street, stating that he was going to take a look at Marqués de Campo. Another was detained at a control on the Cervantes Esplanade while driving, also from another autonomous community and without justifying why he was in Dénia.

They also had to resort to the arrest of a person for disobeying the authority after repeatedly requiring their confinement and refusing each time.

And not only that, but three denouncement acts were opened for drug possession and one for a knife, as a result of vehicle controls carried out in the city.

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