Denounced couple after skipping quarantine to have sex

22 March 2020 - 11: 47

Complaints to neighbors continue to rise, bypassing the restrictions of the state of alarm. Between 09:00 and 21:00 yesterday, the police identified 67 people and stopped 84 vehicles.

Among the complaints, one of them was in the Marinas to a vehicle with a driver and two occupants. The two occupants were sanctioned, who stated that they were traveling together to go to work on a construction site, a case similar to other previous interventions. Another vehicle, on CV-725, was also stopped at a checkpoint whose driver stated that he was moving to another town to go to the supermarket, and there were several open supermarkets in his home town.

Adults behave like teenagers. And the teenagers? Well that. In the skate park, two minors were found consuming narcotics (marijuana). Notice was given to the parents to come and they were sanctioned.

At the roundabout to access the sports center, the agents located a person running on public roads, a sanction that is repeated daily.

Perhaps the most striking complaint was that of the Assagador del Palmar, to a vehicle with two occupants. At first they stated that they were going to the pharmacy together, and finally they ended up declaring that they were going to a nearby place to have sex.

At the intersection of Juan Chabás Avenue with Joan Fuster Avenue, the police located a person walking with a dog. They identified him and discovered that he was 800 meters from his house.

On the road of Les Rotes, they stopped a vehicle with a driver who stated that she came to visit a friend, without justifying the reason for the visit and if it is for any of the causes allowed by the state of alarm regulations.

  1. Javier Aníbal Arboleda González says:

    Singles and singles are hotter than the tail of a saucepan.The effects of this pandemic that no one says but that we are suffering so what else to add.
    Let this happen soon and when it ends there will be a sexual energy in the environment that will be beautiful.

  2. Silvia says:

    I am with Francisco. We must get news

  3. Francisco says:

    These are isolated cases, but in general the population complies with the provisions of the Law.

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