Dénia increases its rate of infections again despite the fact that the incidence of the coronavirus begins to subside

February 02 from 2021 - 10: 23

The Ministry of Health has made public the latest update of the coronavirus data by health departments and municipalities. In this, where the results obtained in the PCR tests carried out between last Friday and Monday have been taken into account, the trend of COVID-19 in our area is ratified.

The Marina Alta maintains its high incidence although it is below 1.000 with 907,18 infections per 100.000 inhabitants. In this latest update, it adds 589 new positives, so there are currently 1.558 active cases in the region. Since March, 8.184 people dependent on our health department have tested positive for PCR.

In addition, the number of deaths increased again, reporting 9 new deaths with COVID-19 in the Dénia health department.

One of these deceased belongs to the capital of the Marina Alta, which also recovers its upward trend in new coronavirus infections. Unlike the region, Dénia increases the rate of new positives with 152 registered. However, active cases fall to 365 and, with this, the incidence stands at 865'63 cases per 100.000 inhabitants.

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  1. Joseph says:

    After 1 year I do not understand how there can be people who still do not understand that the virus is going to catch absolutely everyone and a few percent of people will die as in any other disease. That is the new normal and the sooner we assume it the sooner we will live again as before.

    The fear and anxiety about getting sick only serves to lower the body's defenses and therefore you are more vulnerable to the virus. Live happily at once and stop appearing that we have to die of something. Every wasted day is an irretrievable time in our lives