Dénia will use eagles to frighten the seagulls that nest uncontrollably in the castle

January 24 from 2023 - 13: 24

The Dénia City Council, through the concessionary company responsible for pest control, Lokímica SA, adds a new strategy to reduce the seagull population, especially in the castle.

The company, for three years, has followed the strategy of piercing seagull eggs after the laying season, avoiding their reproduction. This action has contributed to reducing the overpopulation of this animal by about 200 specimens annually.

Even so, there continues to be a large population of seagulls in the Dénia castle, which has prompted the concession company to hire a professional falconer. The strategy, which is added to that of damaging the eggs, is for an eagle to intimidate by attacking the seagulls so that they do not come close to laying eggs in the monumental space. The goal is for the gulls to associate the location with danger and disperse.

The bird of prey will be released in the castle three times a week for four months: the two before the breeding season and the two after it.

  1. Pepa says:

    How cruel! What damage do seagulls in the castle? They are your guardians!! They give a special charm to the fortress. They have a life of their own and if I'm not mistaken they are native.
    Then we talk about protected species...
    I hope the eagle doesn't take any.
    Don't do them any harm please!
    I go to the castle, I approach them and I photograph them, sometimes they leave but come back, other times they don't even flinch.
    I don't understand!

  2. Roy says:

    Great news if you live in the town!!! – the gulls have already started to nest on rooftops in the town so even more will relocate I have 2 questions (1). What is the problem with gulls nesting in the castle? (2) What clown thought up the hawk idea – yet another wonderful from the town hall