Dénia adds 18 new infections with the three outbreaks detected

January 30 from 2021 - 18: 32

The Ministry of Health has notified, this Saturday, three new outbreaks in Dénia, being the population with the highest number of cases detected in the region, since there have also been two outbreaks in Xàbia and one in Calp. In total there have been 6, of the 50 registered throughout the Community.

The Dénia outbreaks are all of social origin and affect a total of 18 people. The one in Calp is also social, with 5 cases and the two in Xàbia are of educational origin and total 6 infections.

Since last August, when information on the outbreaks began to be provided, Dénia has accumulated a total of 52 outbreaks of the 145 detected in the Marina Alta. Of the 52, 39 have been of social origin.

  1. José says:

    After 1 year I do not understand how there can be people who still do not understand that the virus is going to catch absolutely everyone and a few percent of people will die as in any other disease. That is the new normal and the sooner we assume it the sooner we will live again as before.

    The fear and anxiety about getting sick only serves to lower the body's defenses and therefore you are more vulnerable to the virus. Live happily at once and stop appearing that we have to die of something. Every wasted day is an irretrievable time in our lives

  2. Frank says:

    What the hell does the boardwalk and two bicycles have to do with this news?

  3. jlllorente says:

    more sanitary and less political strongly agree

  4. Margarita says:

    We want to know more about the people at the origin of these Covid outbreaks please! Age? Where? And where are the police in all these incidents? We follow the recommendations to protect everyone, but there are too many people without conscience! It is also necessary to think about the medical staff!

  5. Rafael says:

    More investment in science and lower salaries for all politicians, they are all with their wars. And they laugh at the people.

  6. Carlos Gual says:

    More sanitary and less political.