Dénia stands up to Xavi Sarrià in a concert that brought generations together

12 July 2022 - 09: 55

The Dénia square was looking forward to the concert with the entire stone grandstand full. From an audience, yes, skeptical about an empty track. However, it only took the first chord and the artist's invitation to sound for everyone to stand up and take their position in front of the stage. Now yes, the concert began.

It is not the first time that Xavi Sarrià came to Dénia, in fact less than a year ago we were able to enjoy his songs live (our interview here!), but it is the first post-pandemic in full new normality. It's the first time you could not only sing, but also jump.

There were faces of all ages in the audience. This is what the Valencian singer has, who manages to bring together dozens of generations to enjoy the same concert together. There were the fans of Obrint Pas, there were those of Xavi Sarrià, and they became a single voice to sing hymns like The flame y Audio.

He had great prominence, it could not be otherwise, his latest album, Causa, with songs that are called to transcend for years, such as Music, anger and love.

Almost two hours of concert that culminated with the exciting Don't turn off the stars chanted by the dedicated Plaça del Consell, admirably full despite the fact that the only rock concert of the Parties Dénia it had been scheduled on a non-holiday Monday.

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