Dénia is filled with a fallas atmosphere with the arrival of the first monuments... and traffic cuts

13 March 2023 - 13: 35

The arrival of the first pieces of the Fallas de Dénia has begun to permeate the streets of the city with a fallas atmosphere. The different districts are already receiving the Fallas monuments, even showing some practically completed children's monuments.

Despite the fact that there are still a few days left before the official celebration of the Fallas, the atmosphere is already felt in every corner of the city. The traffic cuts have also begun to make themselves felt, causing some brief and scattered traffic jams on Monday morning.

  1. Dani says:

    And how are they going to plant the Falla Centro with the Glorieta under construction?
    Or the one in Port-Rotes with the end of Campos street also under construction?
    We have a mayor who does works and does not finish them, a city in need of services and a half-independence council.
    We cannot let the PP win the municipal ones.
    It would be catastrophic.
    But it is that the municipal corporation does not help either. They are all privileged.
    Saioa García Gironés would know how to fix it,
    She has good legs, a good figure and a voice that is a pleasure to hear.
    From the People's Party we ask for the advancement of elections.
    So be it.

    • M. Carmen says:

      What a pity that your only political proposal has to do with good legs, a good figure and a good voice. It is evident that you have stayed in the most retrograde politics of the past. Let's keep going! Let's make proposals! And let's think about the best way to carry them out. It doesn't matter who is in power as long as what they do is for the common good and not their own.

      • Luis says:

        Absolutely right M. Carmen. Do we vote for physical characteristics? No wonder we cry later when we find out there's no one behind the wheel.