Dénia grazed the full for the first half of August

August 17 from 2015 - 12: 31

The Department of Tourism of the City of Denia announced that the estimate of tourist occupancy of hotels during the first half of August was 95%. Camping on the average has been placed around 70%. While in tourist rental accommodation it was average 95%, a percentage that some companies were among the 98 and 100%.

Beach Marineta Casiana Dénia

These figures represent a slight increase over 2014 season, as in hotels and campsites the increase was a 4%. As for accommodation the rise was 3%.

As for the forecasts made in July it has also been better in hotels and campsites. In accommodation it is within the estimated 90 and 95 between the strip%.

The forecasts that are shuffled for the second half of August are between 82 and 90% for hotels, between 55 and 60% in campsites and around 87 and 90% in tourist rental accommodations.

French and Madrid ones who have visited the offices Tourist Info Dénia

For the different points Tourist Info Dénia in the first half of August passed 18.825 people, with a daily average over the 1.250 people. Foreign inquiries were a 51.73% while domestic came in 48.27%.

Among foreigners who were to consult more were the French with 64% followed by the UK with 13% and Germans with 11%. More national data points used were those from Madrid with a figure close to 50%.

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