Dénia continues its work at FITUR and shows its intention to bet on LGTBIQ+ tourism

January 23 from 2023 - 13: 05

The gastronomic tourism platform Saborea España, to which Dénia belongs, has been present at the FITUR International Tourism Fair, where it has held the first ordinary general assembly this year.

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, attended the call, in which the action plan for 2023 was presented and the work carried out in 2022 was reviewed. The new president of Saborea España, chef Susi Díaz; José Luis Yzuel and Emilio Gallego, president and secretary of Hospitality of Spain, respectively; Juan Manuel Guimeráns, vice president of the Spanish Association of destinations for the promotion of gastronomic tourism and Amelia Rico, treasurer of Saborea España.

Reinforcement of the primary sector

The Saborea España 2023 work plan is designed with the aim of continuing to advance in the consolidation of gastronomy as one of the main tourist attractions in Spain. This year with special attention to boosting the primary sector. A new edition of World Tapas Day and the expansion of the Gastronomic Routes have also been presented.

During the assembly, the main promotional actions carried out in 2022 were also reviewed, where the international collaborations of Saborea España, hand in hand with Turespaña, have played a relevant role: presence in Dubai, in the Bundestag and the Taste of Dublin action, which was a complete success. The evaluation was very satisfactory, according to the special guest at the assembly, Rubén López Pulido, director of the Office of Tourism of Spain in Dublin, and plans to repeat the action this year, expanding the number of destinations involved.

The assessment of the 2022 financial year has been "positive", among other issues, for consolidating the celebration of World Tapas Day, both nationally and internationally; influencing the presence of Saborea España in network destinations with support and exchange actions and consolidating sustainability as a strategic axis for improving the association's competitiveness.

In parallel, Saborea España will continue this year with its work of international promotion through presentations and commercial actions in its priority markets.

LGTBIQ+ tourism

LGTBIQ+ tourism has been included on the FITUR agenda. The mayor and Councilor for Tourism of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, attended during the fair the act of signing the declaration of intent between the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and the company Queer Destinations with the aim of having a first contact with this tourist product.

The objective of the Consistory is to expand knowledge in this field to promote Dénia as an LGBTIQ+ friendly destination -respectful of the LGTBIQ+ community-. A meeting with the company was already planned and that the Dénia Tourism team receive training on the matter.

LGTBIQ+ tourism seeks to create safe spaces for the community, to enable safe and respectful leisure. One of the key requirements for obtaining the quality seal issued by Queer Destinations is the materialization of equality policies.

  1. Mike says:

    «LGBTBIQ+ tourism seeks to create safe spaces for the community». What is a "safe space"? It is a place where there is only one opinion, where compromises are not necessary, it is the opposite of tolerance. It's a word trick, described so well by George Orwell, where war is peace.

  2. Ignacio says:

    Now they are separating Tourism by gender? That is discriminatory. Besides, who cares about the gender of others? To the morbid gossips and the hunters of easy public subsidies.