Dénia presented the sports offer of its 16 Municipal Schools

November 19 from 2017 - 18: 09

On a pleasant morning and with the stands of the municipal sports center totally full of family and friends, the presentation ceremony of the 16 Municipal Sports Schools took place.

Students were quoted on the track of the pediment where the photos took place teams from each of the schools. Then they paraded through the track receiving the heat of the public who filled the stands of the main straight.

The young Dianenses athletes were supported by the Dianense mayor, Vicent Grimalt and the mayor of sports, Marián Tamarit. The councilor of sports addressed all those present thanking the work done by each of the coordinators, coaches and monitors of each of the teams presented.

He noted the effort that is made from the council to maintain such a wide range of sports. Finally he pointed out how important it is for young people to do sports

The first ones in initial the parade were the students of the Municipal School of Adapted Sport, for them it was the ovation of the morning. Other of the most applauded were the kids from the Municpal School of Psychomotricity.

During this course 1.268 are young athletes who have the opportunity to practice sports with the offer of the 18 schools. For several weeks the schools of; Athletics, Handball, Basketball, Adapted Sports, Water Sports, Horse Riding, Soccer, Futsal, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Golf, Skating, Pilota, Psychomotricity, Rugby, Triathlon and Volleyball.

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