Dénia presents the diagnosis prior to the drafting of the IV Plan for Equal Opportunities between women and men

22 March 2023 - 15: 21

The Department of Equality and Diversity of the Dénia City Council has prepared a diagnosis prior to the drafting of the IV Plan for Equal Opportunities between women and men in Dénia that was presented this Monday at the Public Library. The diagnosis, according to the Councilor for Equality and Diversity, Javier Scotto, "allows us to have an x-ray or fixed photograph of the situation of equality and inequalities that currently exist between women and men in the municipality of Dénia, based on which we will work on the new equality plan for the city".

The collection of information has been carried out based on the analysis of four fields: sociodemographic, quantitative, qualitative and other municipal plans. A questionnaire was designed, with open and closed questions, in which 185 people participated. Interviews have also been carried out with people belonging to the associative fabric of Dénia and the Marina Alta, the Women's Council, political representatives and educational centers, representatives of the neighborhood of Jesús Pobre and technical staff of the ministry with direct links to the municipality.

Among the conclusions of the study, Scotto highlights the lack of awareness of municipal equality policies and the instruments available to citizens, as well as the Women's Council and the Department of Equality itself, "which reveals the need to give them more diffusion"; the existence of a perception of unsafe spaces, to determine if it is real or self-generated, as well as insecurity in leisure and parties and the citizen demand for training options linked to the attention of people, languages ​​and trades.

The diagnostic analyzes also reveal the existence of a generational digital gap, detect addiction to new technologies and, at the same time, fear of sexting (dissemination of intimate images and sexual content), especially in the group of people under the age of 29 years surveyed.

In matters of conciliation and co-responsibility, women spend 2 to 4 hours a day on tasks related to the home, while men spend less than an hour a day.

The need to train teachers, students and families on equality issues, as well as to offer education on sexually transmitted diseases, masculinities, entrepreneurship and business are other conclusions of the diagnosis that must be taken into account in the preparation of the IV Equality Plan of opportunities between women and men of Dénia.

The presentation and analysis of the Equality Plan can be found in this document:Graphic presentation of the diagnosis of the Equality Plan

  1. take me says:

    Roughly speaking, taking into account the number of people interviewed and those who live in Denia, making a crude but very approximate calculation, this survey represents 0,5 of the population. On the other hand, the results are biased if you want to compare something, you must consider both parts in a proportionate way to be able to calculate a true similarity. If you spend the money, at least spend it well