Dénia achieves 92% of tourist occupancy during the first half of August

August 20 from 2014 - 15: 21

Based on data collected by the Department of Tourism of the city of Dénia, the occupation registered during the first half of August "has been very positive," as indicated by the councilor responsible Pepa Font.

The tourist occupation during this first fortnight has been of an 92%, "not only reaching the forecasts that were between an 85-90% but that have been exceeded", added Font.

Over the same period last year, some stability or even a slight increase, resulting in an increase of approximately 4% in hotels and stability with a slight increase of 1% in campsites and tourist rental saved and all this without being second temporary residences including tourists, of which no data are available occupancy.

More than 1.400 visitors a day at the Tourist Offices

As for the influx of visitors in tourist information services Department of Tourism, during this first half has been a total of 21.600 people approximate, representing a daily average of 1.440 people who have used the services of the three units the department, which are the Central Office, the Office of the Plaza del Consell and the fulcrum of the Esplanade de Cervantes.

In reference to the nationalities there is a slight increase in the proportion of national tourism compared to international tourism, with an 54% of tourists that have passed through the office, of national origin and the remaining 46% international. Last year the proportion was 52% national tourism versus 48% international tourism.

92 percent of tourist occupation in Dénia

Madrid, great lover of Dénia

As for the origins of visitors, the same trend as previous years the Madrid being the first national source market, followed by Valencia and Catalonia continues. And to a lesser extent, Dénia receives tourists from Basque Country, Castilla La Mancha and Castilla León, not to mention Dénia residents who have used the services of the Office for information on festivals, cultural events and entertainment, etc.

Referring to international sources, France is still the first international market representing 58% of the international total, followed by the UK and Germany. Subsequently Netherlands are located, Eastern Europe and Belgium.

For the second half of August, it provided the forecast is positive and stands at around a 70% for hotel establishments and campsites and 85% for tourist rental accommodation.

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  1. Pigeon says:

    Delighted with so many visitors but do not forget the duties: cleaning up our streets and spaces leaves much to be desired! There are papers and debris everywhere and the more we move away from much worse center.

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